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The roast duck is probably the most well-known dish of the Peking cuisine.

The preparation of the roast duck is very time-consuming. The duck needs to be seasoned, air blown, sealed, poached in hot water dissolved with maple sirup and red rice vinegar and finally air-dried over 24 hours before going into the oven.

The duck will be hang in the oven and roasted for an hour. The duck will receive its typical red shining colour during the process of roasting and become crispy.

We serve our guests the Peking roast duck in three courses.

1st course: Duck soup with shiitake mushrooms and glass noodle.

2nd course: 2 home-made spring rolls

3rd course: thinly cut duck meat with crispy skin, accompanied by duck dipping, pancakes, shredded cucumber and leek.

Fr. 58.- per person, from 2 persons.



Yes. Peking duck can also be enjoyed without pre-order, but the preparing time can take up to 1 hour.

The ducks we use weigh 2 kg and are from Germany.

Roasted Ducks Huayuan.jpg
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