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Originally a winter but nowadays an all-season specialty all over China which is loved by virtually all Chinese. There is no other specialty, regional or national, enjoys popularity of such in China. From region to region, there are many different variations of hotpot, we serve our guests "Mixed Hotpot" in our restaurant. 


The pot is divided into two compartments, filled with spicy and non spicy soup base which caters the needs of everyone. The menu is composed of the following ingredients.

Meat & meat product:

Thinly sliced lamb and sliced beef rib eye steak, together with luncheon meat made of poultry.


Shrimps, shrimp balls, squid balls, green shell mussels & fish filet.

Vegetarian ingredients:

Romaine lettuce, soy tofu, Enoki mushrooms, glass noodle & wheat noodle.


Original dipping with sesame. Ask our staff if you prefer other dipping in case of allergy or other preferences.


Fr. 42.- per person, from 2 persons.

Pre-order not necessary. You could enjoy the hotpot anytime without pre-order.

Delicious Chinese hot pot with chili sou
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